8 Facts about Cars from then to now

One of the most greatest inventions that contributed to our civilization todayCars. The first automobile was design during the 19th century  François Isaac de Rivaz, and after it was released publicly, there were numerous companies who innovated the design and turn it into this modern-day cars. Fortunately, these helped and provides safety, convenience and opportunities to people. The factories can deliver miles away with only a few hours without even destroying the quality of a product.

However, despite the the convenience its service can give, there are few people who knows a little bit of background of these automobiles.


  1. It was on the year 2008 that the most expensive automobile ever sold only in a retrograde auction sale, in which it costs $10,894,900 USD that includes deduction of the auction and its model name is a year 1961 Ferrari California Spyder.
  2. A new headlight was developed from a researcher that came from the Carnegie Mellon wherein the headlight will dodge the raindrops to avoid it from reflecting to the water. It was discovered that the more the light won’t reflect, the high chance that their will be less dangerous. This goes same with another invention that it highlights any pedestrians nearby.

  3. The electrical cars that we know isn’t new like what we all have known, because they were already manufactured and invented way back the 1920’s during the period when gas-powered engine became cheaper to utilize than a low gas.

  4. The 1946 Cisitalia 202 GT was considered as the most beautiful cars having no sharp edges but curve and it was made of all aluminum. Due to its beauty and fascinating design from the raw materials, this car is displayed in a museum called New York Museum of Modern Art. From the year it was invented, they were only 170 cars ever produced on the year 1947 to 1952. On the other hand, some may use this car for fashion and to add appeal to others, even before drivers are already stylish in their women’s activewear clothes and men’s clothing collection.

  5. As an alternative, a whale oil was used in the cars during the 20th century, however it was forcefully stopped because of the Endangered Species Act as it is encouraging people to kill innocent whales in exchange of money from the oil they will get of the blubber of a whale.

  6. The model T of Ford’s during the 20th century can be purchased from any of seven colors they offer but not the color black. However, it costs them expensively that is why they decided to make the model T all black which is way more cheaper and efficient.

  7. In the country of United States, it is the Honda Accent who topped as the most carnapped model.

  8. The car industry hailed the AMC Gremlin as the most ugliest car model ever designed, but ironically, in the modern times, the design was used in  SUV’s and it was successfully patronized by the people with it’s unique manufacturing design.

These facts that you have discovered, I’ll bet my hat that once you’re in your car, you no longer see it as a ‘thing’, but an invention with many histories, stories and contribution. Nevertheless, it may not look exactly from the first automobile ever built, what matters is that it’s system is the same and it is convenient.

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Most Common Auto Insurance Quotes

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Best Car Choice

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Buying a new car

A car is expensive to buy and maintain. You really want to spend as little as possible on a car, but it should not be at the expense of driving pleasure and comfort.

A car will cost you hundreds of dollars a month. It is the most expensive car owners who own an expensive car that they make a lot of mileage. The first major issue is to purchase, but the monthly fees you should not be underestimated. You will be excited for road tax and you need to insure the car. You should also build up a reserve again in the future to replace the car, and you need fuel and maintenance on the car also calculate with your expenses. If you buy a used car, you get cheaper purchase, but you can also buy a bad car. A new car can be a bad buy, but the first year you can do to get the warranty from the manufacturer. It is a tradeoff for a new car and little money to invest in the car. With a used car you can walk into high maintenance.

The amount you invest in car buy is actually an investment you can smooth it over twelve years. The car will cost you a year to write about a thousand per year. A new car will cost more especially the first year depreciation. It is too easy to say that a used car cheaper.

When buying an older car you also need a dose of luck. In first year you can count that your costs will be high. These may be parts that need replacing, but you could also call on major problems, which are going to cost you more than the car is worth.
One of the most important things you should invest in are new tires. A good deal with a reasonable price would be to take Falken Tyres.

If you buy a decent car, you can have years of enjoyment. You will have a large amount at one time for filing, but you will on average have more driving pleasure.

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